GT Radial USA is supporting 86CUP in 2020 with a Tire Contingency Program, Cash Championship Prizes and Race Entry Assistance Raffles for drivers competing with GT Radial Champiro SX2 (260 UTQG) tires:

See GT Radial 86CUP contingency programs in 2020.


Established in 1984, Winmax is one of the leading performance and racing brake parts manufacturers in Japan. As a subsidiary of OEM supplier MK Kashiyama Corp., Winmax has delivered a combination of racing passion and meticulous engineering for decades.

Used by top motorsport teams in road racing, rally racing, gymkhana, autocross, and time trials, Winmax brake pads have been rigorously tested in competitive racing environments throughout the world.


CounterSpace Garage offers performance parts and consulting for time attack, racing and street applications. Having developed winning time-attack cars, CounterSpace Garage has learned the hard way what does and does not work, and aims to share this knowledge with all who are interested. CounterSpace Garage is an advocate of performance backed by results, and CounterSpace Garage sells only the highest quality products torture tested under the harshest conditions available. Every product offered by CounterSpace Garage is tried, tested, and proven on the track.

86CUP participants are encouraged to consult with CounterSpace Garage regarding suspension or tuning for track days.

WestEnd Alignment

WestEnd Alignment is the performance alignment and suspension shop of choice by the majority of 86CUP participants in Los Angeles. Call WestEnd Alignment to book your next racing alignment, corner balance or suspension install!

Bluemoon Performance

Bluemoon Performance specializes in engine building, track side support services for privateer teams and individuals, product development, fabrication and more. Engines and performance are expensive investments.

With podium results in Formula D with Scion Racing and award winning high profile builds like Sung Kang’s Fugu Z, Bluemoon Performance has secured a reputation as a highly trusted engine builder within the JDM performance market.

Delicious Tuning

Delicious Tuning focuses on two things: plug-and-play ethanol-blend compatibility controllers for performance vehicles, and advanced engine calibration. You’ve seen the results of Delicious Tuning’s work – the invisible but essential job of perfect engine tuning – if you’ve watched Ken Block’s Gymkhana WRX STi, Stephan Verdier’s Formula Drift and Rally Cross STis, Zenkai Motorsports’ Time-Attack and Pike’s Peak STi (detecting a theme?).

Delicious’s tuning savvy has also powered race vehicles competing in NASA, hillclimb, Time-Attack, SCCA, Speed World Challenge and Gumball Rally, and driven by the likes of Tarzan Yamada, Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, Keiichi Tsuchiya, Tanner Foust, and two-time 24 Hours of LeMans winner Andre Lotterer.

OS Giken USA

OS GIKEN has evolved and grown over the years, building and cementing a reputation as one of the best racing drivetrain parts manufacturers in the world. Production and design capabilities for engine and drivetrain components are OS Giken's specialty, but the company has the ability to design and build just about anything mechanical.

Having trouble getting on throttle? Difficulty maximizing your rear tire grip? Look no further and consider an OS Giken Limited Slip Differential!

Tomei USA

Located in California, USA, TOMEI USA produces/manufactures an extensive range of tuning parts designed for competition/motorsport applications.