GT Radial USA is supporting 86CUP with a Tire Contingency Program and Cash Championship Prizes for drivers competing with GT Radial Champiro SX2/SX RS/HPYtires:

See GT Radial 86CUP contingency programs.


CounterSpace Garage offers performance parts and consulting for time attack, racing and street applications. Having developed winning time-attack cars, CounterSpace Garage has learned the hard way what does and does not work, and aims to share this knowledge with all who are interested. CounterSpace Garage is an advocate of performance backed by results, and CounterSpace Garage sells only the highest quality products torture tested under the harshest conditions available. Every product offered by CounterSpace Garage is tried, tested, and proven on the track.

86CUP participants are encouraged to consult with CounterSpace Garage regarding brakes, suspension or Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86, Scion FR-S tuning and flex fuel kits for track days.

See CSG's Racing Contingency Program for 2022 details here


Since 2007, APEX has produced lightweight wheels with extreme durability and unprecedented value for the performance driving community. Combining proven Motorsport design features, vehicle specific optimizations, and advanced flow-forming and forging technology, APEX engineers wheels that meet and exceed the diverse needs of weekend track warriors and competitive club racers.

APEX offers both flow formed and forged wheel fitments engineered specifically for the 86/BRZ chassis, all of which clear the factory Brembo brakes as well as a variety of aftermarket BBK’s. We encourage 86CUP drivers to consult with an APEX Product Expert to learn more, and to view the 86/BRZ Wheel & Tire Fitment Guide available at

See APEX Contingency Program here, and be sure to fill out a registration form by May 15th 2022.

OS Giken USA

OS GIKEN has evolved and grown over the years, building and cementing a reputation as one of the best racing drivetrain parts manufacturers in the world. Production and design capabilities for engine and drivetrain components are OS Giken's specialty, but the company has the ability to design and build just about anything mechanical.

Having trouble getting on throttle? Difficulty maximizing your rear tire grip? Look no further and consider an OS Giken Limited Slip Differential!